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Africa, AMES Habitat Fund

Scaling Protected Habitat

To protect Africa's remaining natural habitat and meet the global target of conserving 30% of earth by 2030, we need to rethink how we value & invest in nature.


Spearheaded by the AMES-Foundation, we create investable reserves that can meet our three core deliverables:

Conservation, AMES Habitat Fund

Finance biodiversity conservation

Community Empowerment, AMES Habitat Fund

Empower local communities

Investor Returns, AMES Habitat Fund

Deliver Investor returns

The AMES-Foundation's mission is to make African Wildlife conservation profitable and scaleable

AMES is a community of entrepreneurs, decision makers and entrepreneurs who all share a passion for Wildlife and biodiversity.

Since 2020 we think big and use entrepreneurial approaches as well as technology in our conservation work.

Habitat loss is the leading cause of extinction on earth. 

The 30 x 30 campaign aims to protect 30% of all land on earth by 2030 in order to create a safe limit for nature to co-exist on earth. 

However, meeting those goals will requires a lot of capital. Today we have a funding gap of $711 Billion/year that needs to be closed to get there. 

30x30 goals, AMES habitat Fund

Over 60% of all African reserves are in financial turmoil. 

In today's world, capital only flows into assets which generate a financial return for investors. If nature reserves are going to attract capital at the scale needed to meet the 30x30 goals we are going to need to think differently about how they do business. 

The AMES approach

At AMES, we believe this has to change. Through the AMES-Habitat Fund we leverage our talents to unlock value in reserves so that they can become investable. 

Rigorous site selection, AMES Habitat Fund

Rigourous site selection

Leveraging local expertise and communities, we apply a multifaceted process to identify and unlock opportunities in biodiverse landscapes. 

Rewilding and conservation, AMES-Habitat Fund

Rewilding and conservation

We protect and restore ecosystems, using cutting-edge technology to safeguard species and provide  transparency and meaureability to all stakeholders.

Nature-positive business models

Nature-positive business implementation

We layer income through eco-tourism, carbon and biodiversity credits to maximise yields and sustainably finance ongoing conservation.

Want to find out how you can make an impact?

We would love to hear from you. Click on the link below to get in touch with us today.

AMES habitat fund- our partners

Our partners

Poellath, AMES Habitat Fund
Biodiversity credit Alliance, AMES Habitat Fund
Natural Capital
Brightpoint, AMES-Habitat Fund
The Landbanking Group, AMES-Habitat Fund
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